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Are you buying a home in the Boise, Idaho? If you answered yes, you’re not the only one. According to a recent study Idaho is the one of the fastest growing states in nation. Why are others moving into this valley at a high rate of speed? Because Boise is a family friendly city and businesses are setting up here and creating employment.

Matter of fact, my parents are getting ready to pack up and move this way. One, they want to be closer to their grand kids. Two, they love what Idaho has to offer in terms of the outdoors. Lastly, house prices haven’t hit records high. Although there is a housing shortage on homes for sale in Boise, plenty of nice houses available at affordable prices.

Tech companies are recognizing the growing community in Boise and are getting in on the expansion. Obliviously having these jobs available is intriguing to those moving here.

Construction is at an all-time high, creating work for skilled and unskilled tradesmen.  According to a recent study, demand for real estate is going to continue into 2019.

So, what does that mean? It means little Boise, Idaho is growing at a high rate of speed and it will continue to pick up the pace.

Real estate in Boise has sure lowered the unemployment rate. Real Estate agents, home inspectors, mortgage loan companies, title companies, home builders, contractors, and several other industries have grown expediently.   

How do I find a good real estate agent? Not all realtors are the same. Some specialize in first time home buyers, others in new construction, bare lot for sales, multifamily homes, and custom homes to name a few. Ask questions. Find out how long they have been dealing in real estate transactions. You really don’t have to go with the first realtor you talk to. Give us a call, we have a few great referrals that we’re confident you’d be happy with. As a home inspector we get to know many realtors and those who really are engaged with their client needs.

How do I find a good home inspector? Check referrals and ask questions. Home inspectors in the state of Idaho are not required to hold a national certification. So, that means a local business license issued by Occupational Bureau of License can suffice as being a home inspector. Most inspectors are former tradesman putting their skills to work in the inspection industry.

A good inspector will be open and honest with their clients. They will be around after the inspection to answer questions. Remember inspectors who get on roofs (which is not required) and in crawlspaces will be more likely to find significant defects. Get to know your home inspector they can be a great resource to you down the road.

Enjoy this beautiful place we call home!

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Do you like to stay warm or cool while working in your garage? Most do, but I’m going to give you a tip that may save your life! During the home inspection process, we often find items that are a major safety issue. We’ve seen some very interesting things that home owners and DIYers have done to their home as “improvements”, but they’re risking their safety. Notching trusses to create attic storage space, adding doggie doors, cutting electrical wires to add an additional outlet, installing free standing stoves to close to combustibles, and installing gas appliances in bedroom closets.

As inspectors it’s our duty to point out these safety issue. Most home owners don’t realize the safety risk they’re creating. Dog doors create an open invite to anyone who wants to enter your home. Overloading an electrical circuit can lead to house fires. Trusses that have been notched create a big structural issue especially in area’s with snow load. Wood stoves installed to close to combustibles create a major fire hazard. Gas appliances create issues between fresh air intake and carbon monoxide. I know I wouldn’t want a family member of mine sleeping in a bedroom equipped with a gas burning appliance. These are just few of the things we find during a home inspection.

Convenience and comfort come to mind when we find these safety defects. Why would a homeowner risk the safety of their family? Because, they don’t realize the issue. That’s why we point it out.

            Most wouldn’t want their kids playing on a wooden deck that was poorly secured. So, back to where I wanted to go with this post. If you have a supply register installed in your duct-work off your furnace/air handler in your garage, please do your family a favor and remove it. Registers in garages are pathways to carbon monoxide from vehicles and petroleum burning lawn equipment. Carbon monoxide is a colorless/odorless/tasteless gas produced from fuel burning vehicles/appliances. The odorless gas can enter into the duct-work and out into your living space.

            There are plenty of manufactures who make heating appliances for garages. Don’t risk the safety or life of you and your family.

Check out this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1eAMwsdIgc&t=6s



First Step Home Inspections Boise, Idaho

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What can I do with my return air filter grille? I know I’m not the only one that has had issue with a filter grille. Yes, the ugly white (or painted) grate that’s screwed to your wall or ceiling collecting dust. It’s actually a very important component to your home’s Heating Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. It returns air from inside the home through the air handler and back into your home in the supply air registers. A good percentage of the grills on the market contain the air filter for your furnace or air handler. So, that means you must open the grill once a month to change the filter.

Why is my grille falling out of the ceiling/wall? Yep, that dirty air filter grille will not stay secured! The reason it won’t stayed secure is because the HVAC contractor didn’t completely frame around the duct work that holds the grille to the ceiling/wall? Some only frame around 2 sides, so that leaves just drywall on the other to sides. Screws only hold in drywall for a short period of time especially if you’re getting into the grille often to change the monthly filter. BTW, the filter is also an important component to your home’s envelope.  

I know the frustration and that’s why I’m here to help. There are a few ways to secure the grille. First, and probably not the most popular is to crawl inside your attic and finish framing around the duct work to give something solid for the screws to bite. Yes, I know that means moving itchy insulation and hoping you don’t fall through the ceiling. This method doesn’t work on the sidewall mount, so I will explain to you an old trick to help.

This method is by far the easiest and is a bulletproof way to end the frustration of that ugly grille falling. You take a small piece of sheetmetal about 3 ½-4 inches long and 1-2” wide. You bend a 90 degree at 1 ½” and another 90 degree at ½” or 5/8” depending on the thickness of your sheetrock. The piece of metal will slip over your drywall leaving a place to secure the grill. Hold the grille in place and mark the holes and drill out with a small 1/8” bit. Secure the grille and be happy! This is just one of the many tips I teach my home inspections clients during the process.

Aaron with First Step Home Inspections



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So, I get asked this questions a lot, "what exactly happens during a home inspection?" First, we make the experience as fun and enjoyable as possible. We can assure you will feel comfortable during the process. We really encourage our clients to intend and interact with us before, during, and after the inspection. Many questions can be answered and explained on site, and we want to help you understand the process. As a buyer we realize how important it is for you to have a working knowledge of your new home and all its components. Our job as an inspector is to make sure you and your family are moving into a safe home. As a seller we want to inform you of issues that may have been overlooked before listing the home. We treat every inspection as if our family is purchasing the property.