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So, I get asked this questions a lot, "what exactly happens during a home inspection?" First, we make the experience as fun and enjoyable as possible. We can assure you will feel comfortable during the process. We really encourage our clients to intend and interact with us before, during, and after the inspection. Many questions can be answered and explained on site, and we want to help you understand the process. As a buyer we realize how important it is for you to have a working knowledge of your new home and all its components. Our job as an inspector is to make sure you and your family are moving into a safe home. As a seller we want to inform you of issues that may have been overlooked before listing the home. We treat every inspection as if our family is purchasing the property.

Our focus and inspection process starts on the roof and exterior of the home. Most home buyers want to know the condition of the roof for several reasons. The overall cost to replace a roof can be costly, and they want to know if the roof has any areas that are subject to leaks. Roof leaks can cause numerous issues inside the home. So, our inspectors strive to get on every single roof unless deemed unsafe to do so. Most home buyers don't realize that an inspector is not required
to walk a roof, according to the standard of practice. We exceed that practice on every inspections.

Once we finish the exterior walk around we head inside the home. We like to operate all sinks and showers before inspecting the crawlspace, that way we have an idea of any active leaks. The crawlspace is an area that needs special attention. The inside of the foundation wall can be examined. We look for structural issue with the foundation and under floor framing. Water penetrations, leaks, vapor barriers, ventilation, ducting, insulation, plumbing, bracing, and overall condition of the space.

The attic is another space that takes special attention. We are confident that you will have a great idea of the overall condition of the attic. We focus on venting, plumbing vents, insulation factor, air sealing, roof decking material and condition, roof leaks, roof framing structure, and access points. Attic and roof venting is very important to maintain ideal attic conditions and help reduce roofing material defects. Having the correct venting systems prevents super heating the space along with ice damming in the winter months. We strive in informing our clients of why the venting system is so important.

We report on main water shutoff, gas, and electrical. The HVAC systems is another area that most home buyers are interested. We always include a data sheet with model, serial, and manufacturing information of the HVAC system. We specialize in giving our clients in depth information on how to operate, and maintain their air handler, air conditioner, heat pump, boilers, and other forms of heating systems. HVAC systems and components play a big part in the overall envelope of the entire house.

We include inspection information on all, flooring, wall coverings, bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen (including appliances), smoke detectors, CO detectors (if applicable), water heater, electrical systems, plumbing, garage and doors, egress, windows, fireplaces and much more. Our focus as we move through the house is to make sure our client is aware of any safety issues that may be a hazard to them or others.

Once the inspector has finished the inspection we encourage our clients to ask questions. It really is the best time to get answers. Our inspection report typically goes out the same day but most of the time we tell our client within 24 hours of the inspection. Our phones are always open to answer questions. We will be here for a lifetime of support to help home buyers and sellers understand how they can save money, live comfortable, and feel safe in their home.