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Are you wanting to heat your garage?

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Do you like to stay warm or cool while working in your garage? Most do, but I’m going to give you a tip that may save your life! During the home inspection process, we often find items that are a major safety issue. We’ve seen some very interesting things that home owners and DIYers have done to their home as “improvements”, but they’re risking their safety. Notching trusses to create attic storage space, adding doggie doors, cutting electrical wires to add an additional outlet, installing free standing stoves to close to combustibles, and installing gas appliances in bedroom closets.

As inspectors it’s our duty to point out these safety issue. Most home owners don’t realize the safety risk they’re creating. Dog doors create an open invite to anyone who wants to enter your home. Overloading an electrical circuit can lead to house fires. Trusses that have been notched create a big structural issue especially in area’s with snow load. Wood stoves installed to close to combustibles create a major fire hazard. Gas appliances create issues between fresh air intake and carbon monoxide. I know I wouldn’t want a family member of mine sleeping in a bedroom equipped with a gas burning appliance. These are just few of the things we find during a home inspection.

Convenience and comfort come to mind when we find these safety defects. Why would a homeowner risk the safety of their family? Because, they don’t realize the issue. That’s why we point it out.

            Most wouldn’t want their kids playing on a wooden deck that was poorly secured. So, back to where I wanted to go with this post. If you have a supply register installed in your duct-work off your furnace/air handler in your garage, please do your family a favor and remove it. Registers in garages are pathways to carbon monoxide from vehicles and petroleum burning lawn equipment. Carbon monoxide is a colorless/odorless/tasteless gas produced from fuel burning vehicles/appliances. The odorless gas can enter into the duct-work and out into your living space.

            There are plenty of manufactures who make heating appliances for garages. Don’t risk the safety or life of you and your family.

Check out this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1eAMwsdIgc&t=6s



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