Certified Home Inspections In Idaho!

Buying a Home in the Treasure Valley

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Are you buying a home in the Boise, Idaho? If you answered yes, you’re not the only one. According to a recent study Idaho is the one of the fastest growing states in nation. Why are others moving into this valley at a high rate of speed? Because Boise is a family friendly city and businesses are setting up here and creating employment.

Matter of fact, my parents are getting ready to pack up and move this way. One, they want to be closer to their grand kids. Two, they love what Idaho has to offer in terms of the outdoors. Lastly, house prices haven’t hit records high. Although there is a housing shortage on homes for sale in Boise, plenty of nice houses available at affordable prices.

Tech companies are recognizing the growing community in Boise and are getting in on the expansion. Obliviously having these jobs available is intriguing to those moving here.

Construction is at an all-time high, creating work for skilled and unskilled tradesmen.  According to a recent study, demand for real estate is going to continue into 2019.

So, what does that mean? It means little Boise, Idaho is growing at a high rate of speed and it will continue to pick up the pace.

Real estate in Boise has sure lowered the unemployment rate. Real Estate agents, home inspectors, mortgage loan companies, title companies, home builders, contractors, and several other industries have grown expediently.   

How do I find a good real estate agent? Not all realtors are the same. Some specialize in first time home buyers, others in new construction, bare lot for sales, multifamily homes, and custom homes to name a few. Ask questions. Find out how long they have been dealing in real estate transactions. You really don’t have to go with the first realtor you talk to. Give us a call, we have a few great referrals that we’re confident you’d be happy with. As a home inspector we get to know many realtors and those who really are engaged with their client needs.

How do I find a good home inspector? Check referrals and ask questions. Home inspectors in the state of Idaho are not required to hold a national certification. So, that means a local business license issued by Occupational Bureau of License can suffice as being a home inspector. Most inspectors are former tradesman putting their skills to work in the inspection industry.

A good inspector will be open and honest with their clients. They will be around after the inspection to answer questions. Remember inspectors who get on roofs (which is not required) and in crawlspaces will be more likely to find significant defects. Get to know your home inspector they can be a great resource to you down the road.

Enjoy this beautiful place we call home!